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Combating-Racism Training Issue 3, Lecture 9 《反种族歧视系列讲座》第三期 第九講

The Community Support, Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Initiatives Capacity Training

"Anti-Racial Discrimination Lecture Series" Issue 3, Lecture 8 Transcript

Transcript Ren David

Support: Federal Government of Canada

Sponsor: Golden Maple Leaf Seniors Association

Host: Ren David

Co-host: Xie Ru

Speaker: Timur, Director of the Asian Anti-Racial Discrimination Alliance

President of the Canadian Federation of Chinese

University Alumni Associations

Students: Part of the Maple Leaf Club Volunteers

Number of participants: 48

Technical support: Lily Su

Statistics: Ma Daying, Mo Tong,Hua

《反种族歧视系列讲座》第三期 第九讲 課堂筆錄






主讲:铁木尔 亞裔反种族歧视同盟理事






Part One: Lecture Outline Rear Projection


Part 2: Class discussion:

1. It is important to have an organization that focuses on anti-racism issues. There will be a group to provide stable and continuous help for similar cases. Because for individuals, the litigation resolution channel is a long and complicated matter, which affects the individual's daily life and is difficult to persist.

2. Regarding the work of anti-racial discrimination, we are still among the pioneer generation. This has been rarely explored before. Most Chinese immigrants are busy with life and have no time to pay attention to political topics. Information exchange is also very limited now. For example, China does not have a clear anti-racial discrimination law, and in fact many countries do not. In Canada, when we talk about the rule of law, human rights, and multicultural integration, the Chinese only pay attention to the Chinese issue. How do they view this issue and how do they deal with it? There are also very few exchanges between the various ethnic groups.

3. In the past century, racial discrimination against Chinese people in Western societies has been widespread and serious. As China's national power becomes stronger and stronger, the racial discrimination against Chinese in Western society is slowly being curbed. However, China's development has also made Western society feel uneasy, and the racial hatred against Chinese people caused by this may be an issue that we should pay attention to during this period.


The above is my compilation and editing based on the content I listened to in class. Just for your reference when studying.

By studying and understanding relevant knowledge, I know what legal rights I have and how to respond correctly. , helping us to be more calm and confident in our daily lives.

All students and every member and friend who care about related topics are welcome to discuss and communicate in the group.

David Ren August 23, 2023









David Ren 大伟 2023年8月23日

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